About us

I truly believe that Environmental, Social, Mental Health go hand in hand and the coexistence of these creates a sustainable human for a sustainable world.  We can create an environmental awareness, work on the importance of being conscious of ourselves and surroundings and find solutions as individuals in community to implement in our daily lives. Impacting in a positive way our surroundings, we want to connect with other humans while getting busy, and  let our imagination go create solutions that would save our planet and make it better for so many of its inhabitants.
We want to create a safe space where humans can come to find answers together. At uncertain times  like this one, more of us find ourselves alone and carrying a sometimes unbearable weight, school, work, family life, money, safety and many other things in our heads. We're not able to hide our worries anymore: this is a safe space to unload and be human and it's the best time to get creative and connect.
We might not be experts at any specific subject or skill but we truly believe that  many heads  thinking together work better than one cloudy one making all the decisions.we offer some services ourselves  and some others are collaborations with the most amazing humans providing specific services.
One way we have to connect with the community is by fixing, and upcycling  unwanted or donated materials that depending on their state, are given a second opportunity to exist and be part of someones' story. We come together to repair or recreate items  and to support our most at risk neighbours. 
All "members" can be part of  our network of talks, workshops, swap/trade, afterschool programs, childcare, sewing circles, training, with a sustainable focus.
If you have ever felt uncertainty for some circumstance in life,
use those abilities you learnt to support other individuals, get through those difficult times, think back to a younger version of you and what kind of support that little you might have needed and was not able to have. Let us use our different experiences to shine that light for those who seek help. 
Donate what you can and help us pay our bills and continue the support in our Communities and Causes!

Find us in social media for more details here:

 The Shared Bag

 On Waste Walks

or email us at thesharedbag@gmail.com for any further information, collaborations or ideas - we're open to all of your ideas!