Our Story

The pillars of sustainable human existence—environmental, social, and mental health—are deeply interconnected. Together, they form the foundation for a sustainable world. Through raising environmental awareness, fostering self-awareness, and developing solutions as a united community, we strive to positively influence our surroundings and enhance the lives of all the inhabitants of our planet.

Founded by Suanny Aranguren in 2019, The Shared Bag serves as a sanctuary for individuals seeking answers during uncertain times. Within this space, we come together to share our burdens, embrace our humanity, and find solace in collective creativity and connection.

Our services encompass a diverse range of offerings, some provided by our dedicated team and others through collaborations with exceptional individuals. 

Everyone is welcome to participate in our activities, which include talks, workshops, swap sessions, afterschool programs, and sewing circles—all centred around sustainability. Through initiatives like fixing and up-cycling unwanted materials, we give new life to items and support our most vulnerable neighbours.

If you've ever faced uncertainty in life, consider using your experiences to support others through difficult times. Reflect on the support you needed as a younger version of yourself, and let's shine a light for those seeking help.